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Honda Activa-Happy Family

Honda Activa
Happy Family Contest-2007

Last year in the month of November, 06 the marriage of my niece was fixed and we all family members were very happy as the groom was very well settled and from a cultured family.
My elder brother and his wife both are teachers in a small town some 80 KM from Udaipur. For the marriage of their daughter they came to our ancestral house and we all started preparing for the ceremony with lots of enthusiasm. As I am settled in Udaipur, my brother gave me lots of responsibilities for the marriage e.g. stay arrangement for the groom side, food for all the guests, decoration, band, purchasing etc. etc. My wife readily accepted the assignment of taking care of the bride. Her dresses, ornaments, makeup were the responsibility of my wife.
The atmosphere was very joyous, my parents were very happy that their first grand child was getting married in front of their eyes. My sisters who are married and settled in other cities had also arrived with their families. Kids were enjoying or rather were the source of enjoyment for all of us.
My wife and I had become the de-facto marriage organizers as with time more and more responsibilities were coming on us. But we both were treating it our privilege and were trying to put a top show.
Everything was going fine and as per plan. I was happy for my niece; her increased time on mobile phone was indicating that she is gelling with her beau. Finally the D day arrived; I again took stock of the situation and found that everything is perfect. Cooks were preparing food since early morning, Mehandi girls were applying mehandies on the palms of whoever interested. Many ceremonies were taking place.
At around 2 PM my wife took my niece to the beauty parlor. As bridal makeup is a long process, we had timed the arrival of bride around an hour before the arrival of the Barat party. I was leading an army of young relatives who were assigned various marriage related works. Time was just flying out and the work was not coming to an end. At around 6 PM I got a call on mobile from my wife, and what she told me, immediately took centre stage of my mind. She told me that they are ready to leave the parlor but there is a huge traffic jam between parlor and our house. I immediately recalled that there was a huge political rally planed for that day in the city and it was the time for various villagers to return to their villages. I realized the gravity of the situation. Only half an hour was left for groom’s party to arrive and I knew with the kind of traffic on roads it was not possible for my niece to reach to our place in the car in which she went.
Soon information came on my mobile that the Barat has started to proceed to our house. I knew it will take not more then 45 minutes for Barat to reach to our place. Now some thing had to be done and immediately. I felt the keys of my HONDA ACTIVA in my hand, thought for a second and found out the solution. I knew scooter would be a much easier vehicle in the time of traffic jams. Soon I was on my HONDA ACTIVA cruising in the traffic. In 10 minutes I was in front of the parlor, asked my niece to sit on the scooter and told wife to come in the car. Now I was again cruising in the traffic with a bride in her full makeup sitting as a pillion. People were gaping at this odd combination of a girl in full bridal makeup and a tired looking man in dirty clothes driving a HONDA ACTIVA at a fast pace. I think one of them was a boy scout still looking for the good deed of the day to do. He came just in front of the scooter, I had to halt and he accused me of fleeing the bride from her marriage venue. I tried to explain the truth to the Boy Scout but he was not in the mood to let the good deed of the day slip away from his hand. He created a commotion and it seemed he had a lot of followers there. Soon there were two policemen. I explained the truth to the policemen; my niece also agreed with me and informed them that I am her uncle. But the Boy Scout said that he has heard many such stories.
Time was running out and I was visualizing the Barat reaching our house. Lot of arguments and explaining did not help then my niece suggested that policemen accompany us to our house. After some hot discussions it was decided that one of the policemen and that Boy Scout will accompany us to our house. The Boy Scout went to pick his vehicle and it come another HONDA ACTIVA. But here also the Boy Scout put a condition that policeman will drive my HONDA ACTIVA and I will sit as a pillion with Boy Scout.
Now we four persons on two HONDA ACTIVA proceeded towards our house. With in 5 minutes we were hearing the sound of Barat band. There was only one road to reach to our house and when we reached there the Barat was on its way. With no alternative we started driving amidst the Barat.
All Baratis were stunned seeing the bride and the policeman on a HONDA ACTIVA accompanied by two persons on another HONDA ACTIVA.
My niece who is a born mischievous waved to the groom when there eyes met, to my great relief I saw the groom smiling. But a few elders from the groom’s side were not so generous and soon there was lot of whispering.
I took the few elders aside and explained the whole situation and this time the Boy Scout and the policeman also were on my side as they had realized the truth. Everything became normal with in no time.
I profusely thanked the policeman, sought a friendly apology from the Boy Scout. And gave my biggest thanks to my beloved HONDA ACTIVA
Sanjay Bordia
1044-A, High Point-1,
Palace Road, Bangalore-560001

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